David Satzinger


Hi, my name is David Satzinger and I am a visual designer for the past 8 years.

At the moment I mainly work for Frictional Games as a interdisciplinary designer for concept and content as well as an art director.

My experience range from concept writing/design/art and art direction to practical things like graphic design, illustration, GUI, 2d animation and in-engine development.

I worked as an academy teacher for Adobe Photoshop and life/nude drawing (novice and advanced students).

My career started off as a member of a think-tank of Union Film Agency GmbH, creating transmedia concepts and prototyping them. On the side I worked as a graphic designer/screendesigner and product illustrator for one of the leading german slot machine manufacturers. Afterwards I worked on advertising campaigns and TV productions. Since 2012 I almost fully transferred to the gaming industry.

I have a degree in graphic design from the Berlin Technische Kunstakademie.



  • Frictional Games
  • Kinesthetic Games
  • Pulsetense Games
  • Phoenix Films
  • UFA
  • Gamomat
  • BTK Berlin
  • Sauerlaender
  • Das Integral


  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • AfterEffects
  • Unity3d
  • Blender3d
  • UnrealEngine
  • CryEngine
  • HPL Engine
  • Maya
  • Illustrator
  • Zbrush


  • Graphic design
  • art direction
  • illustration
  • concept art
  • 3d modeling
  • photography
  • concept writing
  • teaching